Decorative Cornice Panel For Ceiling and wall decoration should be placed in the right place

The Decorative Cornice Panel For Ceiling For Ceiling and wall decoration should be placed in the right place.When we hang the photo wall in the living room, we must remember to place it in a suitable place in the living room.

Decorative Cornice Panel and photo wall
I believe many people will ask, since wedding photos can be hung on the wall, can photos of babies be hung? The answer is yes. Whether it is a birth photo, a one-year anniversary photo, or a photo taken daily, you can hang it on the wall. Although this is not very particular about Feng Shui, it is not as much as possible. According to the size of the actual wall and the size of the photo, it should be straight when hanging to achieve a sense of balance and harmony. However, it does not mean that the baby’s photos can be hung at will, not in some places.
Seeing this, do you have a general impression of the feng shui of the photo wall in the living room? When we are decorating, we must pay attention to the points mentioned above: the shape of the photo is mostly square. Avoid using hammers and nails. Wedding photos and baby photos.Decorative Cornice Panel can complement the wall well
Peony has always been hailed as the king of flowers. For thousands of years, it has been regarded as a symbol of good luck, wealth and glory. It is loved by everyone. If a picture of rich and auspicious peony can be hung in the restaurant, it can bring it to the family. A lot of good luck, peony painting is also an indispensable hanging painting in Feng Shui home.

Decorative Cornice Panel For Ceiling


Restaurant hanging paintings should be based on bright colors, which can increase the energy of fire and accumulate yang energy. Therefore, it is very important to choose feng shui hanging paintings reasonably. It can not only gather the yang energy at home, but also attract wealth and blessings. The whole family. The editor below recommends some restaurant wall paintings for everyone.In the restaurant’s Feng Shui, the grape map is placed in the restaurant, which has auspicious metaphors, which means fullness and harvest. Therefore, it is very suitable to hang the grape map in the restaurant.


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